What we offer is vast and too complicated to be written concisely. But here is a start:

  • Full-service Design Studio - offering individualized services on a case by case basis BUT DESIGN NOT DECORATING. 
  • Conceptual to working drawings with construction-ready drawings-necessary to communicate, get bids and permits
  • Residential/commercial/new construction/renovation-  love a challenge!! Bring it on
  • Historical renovations- love and respect the older home and we work well within Historical necessaries
  • Interior Design - more space planning, renovation, interior details than decorating. 
  • Kitchen and Bath Design - Pam began as a kitchen and bath designer and it still is near and dear.
  • Lighting design - what is life without proper cool lighting and lighting control, am I right?
  • Furniture/Millwork/Built-ins/mantles/Interior Architecture design and detailed drawing- see something online/in a pic and wonder how to make it happen in your space? Let me at it.
  • Aging in place design and drawing- Near to Pam's heart after taking care of her mother....
  • Exterior details/pools/drives/walks/pergolas/buildings/curb appeal - outside is as important as inside. 
  • Providing the Client and Contractors with the Clients preferences, choices, job site requirements, evaluations, needed modifications, projects overseeing, design drawings, details and specifications as needed throughout construction as directed and agreed by the Client.  Pamela Macior respectfully, and strategically works within the capacity and confines defined by the Client and job site conditions.  
  • Design services to Trade professionals - we provide all the above design services to the professional. Please inquire.
  • Digitizing services for hand-drawn,  PDF drawings or hand sketches for DIYers or old school craftsmen plans. Please inquire.
  • We work well with DIYers on a "teleconference consulting only" basis. Please inquire. 

Due to our current work overload - free consultations are not available. You are welcome to text or email, to schedule a first available paid consultation. Please understand we choose to concentrate on our contracted client's and contractor's needs to meet their rigorous schedules. 

Please note: We remained booked for many many months in advance and have a waiting list. Please email or text to schedule a brief phone consultation to discuss your project. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause!! BUT we do stay booked well in advance and are so very thankful!