Pamela Macior, CPBD, AIBD, NCBDC Certified

And this is a bit about her. An accomplished Designer in Residential Design and Commercial Design. Loves designing almost as much as she loves her horses and dog.  Founded Pamela Macior LLC over 20 years ago. Has vast experience and knowledge in the complexities of the design and construction biz. Sometimes keeps too much stuff swimming in that brain of her and needs decompress. "Professional and detailed yet she makes it fun" her coconspirators' quip.   But that just gives you a tease. So read on if you are so inclined.


  • Pamela manages her east coast based full-service design studio in between hurricanes from gorgeous Wilmington, NC but travels extensively for her abroad clients. 
  • Even with Pamela's extensive training, knowledge, experience, and professional certification, combined with 25+ years of successful residential and commercial projects,  she is unpretentious, approachable, and loves collaboration. 
  • She is as comfortable on a job site as she is in the design studio. Makes no difference to her if she is drawing plans and details, in a showroom with a client or walking a job site with a contractor or subcontractor.  
  • "I draw all my own designs, plans, details and construction docs, done by me for my clients"  she insists. "I want to meet and know the entire team involved in the building or renovating a client's home."
  • In addition to being an interior designer, kitchen & bath designer, furniture designer, and lighting designer,  Pamela has the proud distinction of being designated a CPBD, AIBD after passing the rigorous exam on the first try. "The Certified Professional Building Designer® (CPBD™) certification is a benchmark certification that defines your competence as a professional building designer who has the ability to visualize space – form scale and balance, but also structural design, building code requirements and building science and has the requisite knowledge to apply learned skills relevant to the industry." National Council of Building Design Certification  "Why hire a certified designer?" Home page. Page one.   
  • Design is an individualized visual expression that evolves during the course of each project,  During each phase of the project, Pamela offers prudent educated advice as a consideration, not as a command. She balances her creativity with sound guidance based on her grasp of construction and design.  She explains what keeps her enticed in this brisk career, "It is fascinating to me that each of us reacts differently to similar stimuli and I love figuring out my client's perspective and their way of being in the world. I am, also, in constant awe of the skill and knowledge of the tradesmen on each project."